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PORT OF BROWNSVILLE Plays a central role for international trade in Rio South Texas Region
January 24, 2023
- Since its establishment in 1936, the communities in the Rio South Texas Region have trusted the port to bring global trade opportunities for businesses and provide good-paying jobs.   The port has earned its reputation as the leading economic engine of the region. The impacts of the port ripple throughout the...

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JOB ANNOUNCEMENT: Council for South Texas Economic Progress (COSTEP) - Chief Executive Officer
January 10, 2023
- .

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December 22, 2022
- The Pharr International Bridge connects with the city of Reynosa, Tamaulipas, where manufacturing companies are located that import and export daily through this port. TRADE NEVER STOPS Although the Covid-19 pandemic negatively impacted all sectors, in the case of commerce, it has not stopped, neither during nor after the pandemic. ...

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Lifesaving Medical Instrument Manufacturing in Rio South Texas Region
November 17, 2022
- Erika de Reynosa, located in the Rio South Texas region’s city of Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico, is a subsidiary of Fresenius Medical Care, the world’s leading provider of products and services for individuals with renal diseases.  Erika de Reynosa manufactures equipment used in both peritoneum dialysis...

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Los Dos Laredos
November 15, 2022
- “Los Dos Laredos” (The Two Laredos), a binational metropolitan zone made up of the sister communities of Laredo, Texas and Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, is one of six binational pairs in Rio South Texas. And Medline, a manufacturer and distributor of essential medical supplies serving the healthcare industry, is...

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Synergy in binational training stands out in Rio South Texas Region
November 1, 2022
- The region’s academic institutions, both on the region’s southern riverbank in Tamaulipas, Mexico, as well as the northern river bank in Texas, USA, offer industry driven skill development programs. By engaging with industry in a day-to-day basis, the region’s academic institutions are aware of...

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Rio South Texas: At the Nexus of North American Freight Railways
August 24, 2022
- Mission, TX August 2022 — Rio South Texas, located at the heart of the North American supply chain, has always been hailed for its multimodality. Major U.S-Mexico border crossings, international airports, deep-water seaports, and interstate highways have made the region the ultimate intermodal trade hub for businesses with North...

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Preparing Rio South Texas for the Battery Boom
August 17, 2022
- Mission, TX August 2022 — After attending the Battery Show Europe 2022, the Council of South Texas Economic Progress (COSTEP) team made some important observations.   “Battery-based electrification is a megatrend that trickles across many industries and develops opportunities for new careers and skillsets,” said Matt Ruszczak, vice president...

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COSTEP Takes a Glimpse Into the Future
August 3, 2022
-  Mission, TX August 2022 — This June, the Council for South Texas Economic Progress (COSTEP) team attended The Battery Show Europe 2022. The event, attended by industry leaders, gave attendees the opportunity to not only network with peers, but discuss emerging technologies and what they mean for the future of the...

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Rio South Texas’ Intercoastal Waterway: Your Continental Connection
July 22, 2022
- Mission, TX July 2022 —The Gulf Intracoastal Waterway (GIWW) runs around the Gulf of Mexico spanning 1,100 miles from Florida all the way to the Rio South Texas community of Brownsville, Texas, located at the southernmost tip of the state. The GIWW is the nation’s third busiest commercial...

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