Startup, Expansions, & Relocations

COSTEP opens doors for relocation, expansion and startup.

For companies in the process of startup, relocation or expansion, COSTEP provides two critical advantages from the very start: First, we offer an in-depth knowledge of the region that we put at your disposal, from the expansive data at our fingertips to our personal familiarity with the region’s cities and sites. Second, with this knowledge COSTEP can also offer genuinely insightful and objective assistance in the course of your decision-making, helping to assure your evaluation leads to the very best choice for your needs. To this end, we are happy to arrange one-day or multi-day tours so that you can gather first-hand intelligence and gain an accurate picture of your options.


An Ecosystem of Support

Rio South Texas is an environment that cultivates excellent outcomes, and connecting your operation to the region’s ecosystem of human and financial resources begins immediately. We make sure your enterprise has access to capital and to pro-business lenders, and to the full range of national, state and local incentives available to you. We open doors in every sense, from helping to get your plant operational as expeditiously as possible by creating personal and professional networking opportunities that you can leverage for the greatest success and satisfaction.


As we advance the prosperity of the region, we believe that our job is to make your life and work in Rio South Texas as rewarding as possible. You are family here.