FDI Advantage

Rio South Texas: Where the world comes to prosper.

It’s a compelling combination: New opportunities created by USMCA, the newly urgent search for resilience in manufacturing and supply chains, all added to the region’s strategic labor and manufacturing advantages. There’s never been a better time for foreign investment in Rio South Texas.

Global Outlook. Global Integration.

Here in this region, global trade begins at home. Of the approximately $600 billion in annual trade between Mexico and the United States, roughly $300 billion of that occurs in our region—with much of that trade in inputs fueling production on the mirror side of the Rio Grande River. In Rio South Texas we don’t simply trade products between two countries; we build them together. That makes us a significant value for foreign investment.

And while our global outlook is borne from experience, our global sustainability is stronger than ever, thanks to the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). While NAFTA helped open collaboration and lay the infrastructure for economic growth and diversification, USMCA creates a trade framework that is not only more equitable but also more secure and flexible, creating enhanced opportunities for foreign direct investment. Additionally, both the United States and Mexico are well-integrated into the world economy through membership in the G20, the Pacific Alliance and the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD).


The Best Supply Chains Under The Sun.

There’s no better location for access to North American markets than Rio South Texas, uniquely positioned at the geographic crossroads of East and West Coast North American trade routes—and in a sunny temperate climate supporting the speed and confidence of year-round shipping. With North America making up 25% of the global consumer market, Rio South Texas is the place to be.


A Region That’s Open And Inviting.

While Mexico’s primary source of foreign direct investment comes from the U.S., Spain, Germany and Canada, foreign direct investment flows into the state of Tamaulipas from a number of nations.  And although foreign investment on the American side of the River is lower, foreign trade with China, France and other nations is robust. Both sides of the River welcome foreign direct investment and reward that investment with workforce and market advantages, incentives, and more.