About Us

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Join us in shaping the future of our dynamic region at a time in history that is unlike any other. Through the combination of several forces, including the restart of the global economy, the progression of USMCA and the realignment of the national supply chain, now is the critical moment in time for Rio South Texas and what can be exponential prosperity creation. Our best days are ahead and we’re prepared to shape the future with like-minded leaders.

It’s a time for real change over rhetoric, so we are committing significant budgetary and time resources to execute an aggressive new business development initiative both internationally and domestically. In recent years, we have poured the foundation of relationship building globally, and today, we are strategically leveraging those relationships and best-in-industry approaches to facilitate job creation and capital investment.

COSTEP is planning an aggressive marketing and business development campaign that includes a comprehensive website, digital marketing strategy and supporting recruitment materials. Tradeshows, outreach missions (domestic and international) and inbound site tours are currently being scheduled. Priority domestic and foreign recruitment efforts in the short-term include opportunities in the Automotive and Mobility industries. Anticipated results include the expansion of the COSTEP project pipeline, with significant job creation and capital investment to the region.

Our perspective of the region is one of boundless opportunity. This dynamic region, positioned between two countries, shares deep-rooted values of determination and fortitude. By working more closely together, our history can enable an incredible future... one of opportunity, advancement and prosperity for all.

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COSTEP needs the private business community to help guide and fund economic development outcomes through the exploration of regional initiatives. They market-validated initiatives include:

  • Market intelligence
  • Business development
  • Growing the talent pipeline
  • Marketing the region
  • Placemaking
  • Collaboration between the United States and Mexico

The COSTEP economic development approach is a progressive, regional effort has been created to more effectively drive economic growth throughout the 7-county Rio South Texas region including: Cameron, Hidalgo, Jim Hogg, Starr, Webb, Willacy, and Zapata counties while exploiting the opportunities that prevail in the municipios on the southern riverbank.

The proposed economic development initiatives of COSTEP have been crafted to complement and support, not compete, with local economic development organizations. While COSTEP will perform international and domestic recruitment activities, this will be done in concert with local economic development organizations, institutions of higher education, and private business; altogether, to serve the combined benefit of the local community as well as the region.