Rio South Texas workforce: Strength in numbers. Passion for performance.

A powerful workplace for your operation begins with a powerful team, recruited from a large labor pool with strong basic skills.

Pipeline For Today—And Tomorrow

In contrast to older U.S. manufacturing centers, Texas offers the dynamic demographic advantages of the nation’s third fastest growing state, with a population growth rate of 15.91% recorded by the 2020 U.S. Census. Across the Rio Grande River, Mexico’s expanding population is even more impressive, predicted to grow at a rate of 23% by 2050.

In the Rio South Texas region, that translates into an available workforce that is abundant in numbers, youthful and ready for the future: A population of 1.7 million with a median age of 30 on the American side of the River; a population of 3.5 million with a median age of 26 on the Mexico side, with the regional population under 25 numbering 1.5 million.

For enterprises seeking long-term growth and productivity, the Rio South Texas workforce assures vital demographic stability and strength.

Experienced and Eager for Opportunity

Established manufacturing traditions on both side of the River, along with an aligned talent development pipeline, instill in the regional workforce both the mindset and the skillset to produce the excellence demanded by the global marketplace. Our workforce delivers quality with pride and a genuine passion.

Collaborative Support

Region-wide cooperation is also foundational to the highest workforce quality, whether through collaborative workforce development or through dual-nation support for worker welfare in efforts such as a bi-national COVID-19 vaccination program to keep workers on both sides of the River healthy and on the job.

Rio South Texas workforce is your key competitive advantage, and a strategic ally in creating global success.