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Preparing Rio South Texas for the Battery Boom
August 17, 2022
- Mission, TX August 2022 — After attending the Battery Show Europe 2022, the Council of South Texas Economic Progress (COSTEP) team made some important observations.   “Battery-based electrification is a megatrend that trickles across many industries and develops opportunities for new careers and skillsets,” said Matt Ruszczak, vice president...

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COSTEP Takes a Glimpse Into the Future
August 3, 2022
-  Mission, TX August 2022 — This June, the Council for South Texas Economic Progress (COSTEP) team attended The Battery Show Europe 2022. The event, attended by industry leaders, gave attendees the opportunity to not only network with peers, but discuss emerging technologies and what they mean for the future of the...

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Rio South Texas’ Intercoastal Waterway: Your Continental Connection
July 22, 2022
- Mission, TX July 2022 —The Gulf Intracoastal Waterway (GIWW) runs around the Gulf of Mexico spanning 1,100 miles from Florida all the way to the Rio South Texas community of Brownsville, Texas, located at the southernmost tip of the state. The GIWW is the nation’s third busiest commercial...

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Waterborne Trade in Rio South Texas
July 4, 2022
- The Port of Brownsville Exporting and Importing Throughout the U.S. and Internationally Mission, TX July 2022 —  The pandemic shook the global economy and yet the United States maintained its trading prowess, according to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development on Ocean Trade.  In the...

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Getting There, Quickly
June 15, 2022
- How Rio South Texas is connected to the World   Mission, TX June 2022 — Moving products and people from Point A to Point B is what the business of trade is all about. Goods need to move from the production facilities to customers quickly, and out-of-area executives need...

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Roadways to the World
June 1, 2022
- How Rio South Texas serves as the U.S.’s Third Coast Mission, TX June 2022 — In a previous post, we looked at the North American supply chain Interstate corridors on the United States side of the Rio South Texas region. In this post, we want to discuss how...

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A Strategic Location for Business
May 23, 2022
- Overweight Corridors in Rio South Texas Facilitate Efficient Cross-Border Trade

 Mission, TX May 2022 — It’s no secret the Rio South Texas region plays an essential part in the North American supply chain. With four major interstate corridors carrying commercial trucks with raw materials, manufacturing components, and consumer...

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Life is a Highway
April 7, 2022
- A Brief Overview of the Interstate Corridors of Rio South Texas By Faith Chua Mission, TX April 2022 — Rio South Texas is a crucial player for the North American supply chain. With 3,739,519 trucks entering the region via International Points of Entry in 2021, one wonders about the different journeys these trucks...

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Building Lasting Connections
March 10, 2022
- Taking a closer look at the bridges in the Rio Grande Valley By Faith Chua | Photo provided by Pharr International Bridge Mission, TX March 2022 — Bi-national connections define the Rio South Texas region. Following up on our previous discussion on the international bridges in the Laredo / Nuevo Laredo area, our...

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Rio South Texas: At the Heart of the North American Supply Chain
February 28, 2022
- A Closer Look at the Rio South Texas Region’s Growth in Relevance   by Faith Chua     North America represents roughly 25% of the global consumer market, and the Interstate 69 corridor, which bisects the United States north to south and connects it with Canada and Mexico,...

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