Competitive Advantages

Rio South Texas: Where competitive advantages equal competitive resilience

A global pandemic. Trade wars. A ship immobilized in the Suez Canal:

The recent past has highlighted the necessity for a future of greater resilience in all areas of operation. And that necessarily points companies to Rio South Texas.

In this region business and industry can look to the future with greater confidence, thanks to deep-rooted strengths in labor, supply chain and community support. Another important factor: The responsive assistance of a collaborative region offering unequalled dual-nation flexibility and mobility, now strengthened by the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).

Dual-Nation Flexibility

Leverage the best of the United States and the best of Mexico with two nations working as one to add ease to your operations and accelerate your success. Here you can start up or scale up on one or both sides of the Rio Grande River, flexibility which allows you to implement business and manufacturing processes that move quickly without encumbrance, with the greatest degree of customization. The result: The best North American quality at globally competitive prices.

USMCA Strength and Stability

The new USMCA strengthens the economic pathways first forged by NAFTA, opening new opportunities to spur greater growth.

Talent Pipeline Sustained by Potent Demographics

The workforce of the future is right here in Rio South Texas with demographics unmatched anywhere else in North America: A population of 1.7 million with a median age of 30 on the American side of the Rio Grande River; a population of 3.5 million with a median age of 26 on the Mexican side, with the regional population under 25 numbering 1.5 million. To those numbers, add the region’s workforce skill and dedication, and the result is powerful, sustainable performance.

Location and Logistics for Resilient Supply Chains

With a location at the geographic crossroads of North American trade routes, Rio South Texas positions your operations for high-speed access to 25% of the global consumer market in a temperate climate that keeps shipping on go, all year round. Connect domestically and across North America with Interstate highway and Class I rail, which also link up globally via deep water global ports. In addition, the region’s logistical portfolio also includes international airports for passengers and cargo as well as the Space X launch site at Starbase, TX.

Rich Natural Resources

The natural resources are wide and deep in this region, with thousands of acres of available land and abundant opportunity available in global energy through Eagle Ford Shale on the American side of the Rio Grande River and the Burgos Basin shale gas field on the Mexican side. If green energy is important to you, the region’s wind and solar parks can satisfy your needs as well.

Seasoned Trade Partner

A welcoming attitude and successful record of foreign direct investments make Rio South Texas a proven global trade partner.

Pro-Business Support Across the Region, Across the Board

Wherever your operations are located, on the American or Mexican side of the Rio Grande River, whatever your need, you’ll find people and communities at every level, from national to municipal, ready to come together to help you succeed.

A Place to Live and Thrive

Both personally and professionally rewarding, a life in Rio South Texas is a life of richly diverse culture, affordable costs of housing and living, excellent schools, four-seasons recreation—and most significantly, inviting communities that welcome you and your organization as family.

Seeking greater resilience? Look to the roots and resources of Rio South Texas.