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Laredo Point of Entry
February 9, 2022
- Shining a Light on a Powerhouse of North American Trade   The Rio South Texas region’s wealth of assets offers much to explore, and COSTEP is here to help you navigate and shed light on them. We recently covered the history & importance of the Rio Grande/Rio...

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More than a Border
January 6, 2022
- Rio Grande vs Rio Bravo --- How the River Got Both its Names 
by Faith Chua 

The Rio Grande River has been a nexus of a rich and diverse history of culture, politics, and trade. From its original human uses as a provider of water and fertile land suited for...

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Both Oars in the Water
January 4, 2022
- How the Rio Grande River is an Everlasting Connection Between Two Countries and Their People by Faith Chua What do you think of when you hear the word "border?" The Cambridge dictionary defines it as “the line that divides one country or place from another.” The Merriam-Webster dictionary...

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COSTEP Leadership Brings Back the Latest News in the Technology and Equipment Industry 
December 2, 2021
- Rio South Texas Continues to Offer the Highest Quality to Investors  by Faith Chua   In 1963, a small group of manufacturers who supplied performance equipment for the early hot rods got together and created an organization called Speed Equipment Manufacturers Association, or SEMA for short. Their mission was to...

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Top Industries in Rio South Texas
November 10, 2021
- Rio South Texas to Exceed Investor Manufacturing and Distributions Expectations by Faith Chua       Rio South Texas is a region with dual-national properties facilitated by the USMCA, which allows enterprises to benefit from both the U.S and Mexico. The large and eager workforce in the area...

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The Best of Both Worlds
October 21, 2021
- A Deeper Look Into the Dual-Nation Feature of the Rio South Texas Region   by Faith Chua Rio South Texas, a bi-national region on the U.S.-Mexico Border, encompasses seven Texas counties and ten municipalities in the State of Tamaulipas. On the U.S. side the region spans from...

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COSTEP Highlighting the Workforce Talent Development Programs in Rio South Texas
October 6, 2021
- by Faith Chua     At the heart of any successful business is a motivated and capable workforce. And at the heart of any successful region is a strong and competent workforce pipeline. It is what equips companies with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate the local as...

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No Man is an Island
September 22, 2021
- COSTEP’s on a Mission to Expand Rio South Texas’ Reach by Faith Chua The Rio South Texas region has always been known for its strong sense of camaraderie and closeness. Each business, city, and individual help contribute to strengthening one of the region’s most significant...

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Show-up vs. Follow-up
September 20, 2021
- RGVision CEO and Publisher Gabe Puente sat down with COSTEP’s Vice President for Economic Development Matt Z. Ruszczak and Senior Vice President for Business Development Adam Gonzalez to talk about their upcoming economic development initiatives for the Rio South Texas region. Both Gonzalez and Ruszczak will be attending...

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Strengthening Relationships for Economic Prosperity
August 23, 2021
- COSTEP’s new Vice President of Economic Development for Domestic & Foreign Direct Investment Initiative By Faith Chua The Rio Grande Valley (RGV) is known for its rich culture filled with fantastic food, music, and history. Further enticed by its rich economic potential and the uniquely close relationship with...

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