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Pioneering Beyond Borders in rio South Texas

This region offers significant advantages for domestic and international companies looking to expand operations. COSTEP stands at the forefront, offering a gateway to prosperity beyond municipal limits. Unlike traditional state organizations, we operate with unparalleled freedom, empowering businesses to thrive in any area of their choosing. Discover the untapped potential and boundless opportunities awaiting investors and business owners in Rio South Texas.


1.7 Million

On the Us Side


3.5 Million

On the Mexico Side



Largest economy in the world.

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Global Consumer Market

Empowering Businesses in the Thriving South Texas

At COSTEP, we’re dedicated to empowering businesses across the thriving Rio South Texas region. Whether you’re a startup looking to establish roots or an established enterprise seeking expansion opportunities, COSTEP provides the support and resources you need to succeed.


Explore opportunities for innovation, collaboration, and growth in the dynamic automotive industry.


From cutting-edge research to advanced manufacturing, discover how you can pioneer this new industry in a long-lasting way.


Join the forefront of medical innovation. Explore opportunities in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare to make a lasting impact on society.


Harness the power of energy in South Texas – discover the possibilities for traditional oil and gas, and renewable energy sources leading to regional innovation.

Shape the Future with CoStep

Shape the future of Rio South Texas and beyond with COSTEP. Our collaborative approach, strategic partnerships, and commitment to success empower businesses to thrive in today’s dynamic marketplace.

For the past 50 years, COSTEP has funded millions of dollars in support, educational programs, and aid to South Texas residents and provides prosperous advancement for businesses.

• We aim to transform businesses (in retail, government, hospitality, and service) to generate long-term substantial income and diverse career opportunities for wealth in the region.


• We work to strengthen underdeveloped sectors, promoting a balanced, prosperous, and sustainable regional economic environment.


• We pivot private industries to regionally-focused economic strategies and funding.


• We provide real-time market data with a strong emphasis on job creation and building a regional talent pipeline.


• We provide real-time market data with a strong emphasis on job creation and building a regional talent pipeline.

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