Brownsville Select USA Spinoff was a HUGE success.

May 4, 2023

The Select USA Spinoff event in Brownsville was a HUGE success. It wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work and dedication of many individuals and organizations involved in organizing the recent event held in Brownsville, Texas and presented to the world. We applaud their efforts and contributions to promoting the Rio South Texas Region.

Congratulations to Ms. Constanza Miner, Greater Brownsville Incentive Corporation (GBIC) Interim Executive Director and CEO; Mr. Jerry Briones, GBIC Director of International Business and Industrial Park Development; and all the GBIC staff for their effort in putting together such a well-organized event.

These events are incredibly important for promoting the Rio South Texas region and showcasing our many attractions and assets. By attracting visitors and investors to the area, events like this can help to boost the local economy and create new opportunities for businesses and individuals.  

We look forward to seeing continued collaboration and partnership between these organizations as they work together to promote economic development and growth in the Rio South Texas region. Once again, congratulations and major thanks to everyone involved in making this event a success!


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