Synergy in binational training stands out in Rio South Texas Region

November 1, 2022

            The heart of a corporation resides in its talented workforce. In order to foster this talented workforce and to acquire the necessary knowledge needed, strategic training programs are of the essence. The Rio South Texas region has developed multifaceted solutions to address the workforce talent needs of its manufacturing industry.

STC is home to an Industry 4.0 Training Facility, which has been officially certified by FANUC, a leading supplier of automation for manufacturing - (Photo Credit: South Texas College)

The region’s academic institutions, both on the region’s southern riverbank in Tamaulipas, Mexico, as well as the northern river bank in Texas, USA, offer industry driven skill development programs. By engaging with industry in a day-to-day basis, the region’s academic institutions are aware of the demands of the manufacturers operating in Rio South Texas.

The following are a few examples of the many ways the region’s 1.5 million residents under the age of 25 are nurtured to become the heart of successful manufacturing companies in Rio South Texas.

South Texas College (STC)

STC initiatives are a perfect example of the alignment of educational institutions and industrial manufacturing. According to Carlos Margo, Dean of Industry, Training and Economic Development, STC offers degree programs, certifications, as well as customized industrial training. Headquartered in the Rio South Texas community of McAllen, STC is home to an Industry 4.0 Training Facility, which has been officially certified by FANUC, a leading supplier of automation for manufacturing including robotics, motion control, and ROBOMACHINE machining.

University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV)

 UTRGV is based in the Rio South Texas community of Edinburg, Texas. José David Ortiz, regional director of Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center (TMAC) at UTRGV, stated that his TMAC office offers a diverse array of training programs, engineering consulting and research services, including Six Sigma, lean production and lean management, as well as quality control. TMAC supports the manufacturing industry by solving companies’ problems both in the field and in the lab. Through problem-solving, the students supporting TMAC’s services gain hands-on experience in real-world scenarios leveraging UTRGVs state of the art technology.

Instituto Internacional de Estudios Superiores (IIES) & South Texas College (STC)

In Rio South Texas, workforce talent development even crosses international borders. IIES, which is located in the Rio South Texas community of Reynosa, Tamaulipas, has recently entered a partnership with the above-mentioned South Texas College. This partnership will allow talented young individuals from the Mexican state of Tamaulipas to obtain advanced education via South Texas College.

According to Miguel Efrén Tinoco, senior official for IIES, starting January 2023, the first group of students from IIES will obtain a professional certificate in Engineering from STC. “It is a big plus that our students will be receiving this certification supported by STC. This will broaden their horizon, opening new possibilities in their future lives, this makes a big difference,” said Mr. Tinoco. “Hands on experience in the industry molds the engineer in the field but having them receive a foundational education in identifying binational industrial challenges, solutions, skills, and financial management will be advantageous to manufacturing companies recruiting local talent”.

These are just a few examples of how the Rio South Texas region’s binational talent pool is prepared for success via industry focused educational entities. The region’s qualified and certified talented workforce in turn lies at the heart of corporations successfully operating in Rio South Texas.

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