Lifesaving Medical Instrument Manufacturing in Rio South Texas Region

November 17, 2022

Being able to make your products with quality and deliver them to your customers quickly and cost effectively is a key competitive advantage. When your products can save our customers’ lives, these factors become more than advantageous, they become critical. And therefore, some of the world’s largest medical industry players establish operations in the Rio South Texas Region, located at the Heart of the North American Supply Chain, where the US State of Texas, the Mexican State of Tamaulipas, and the sun-kissed coast of the Gulf of Mexico all meet.  

The company´s employees are cognizant and proud of the importance of their work. This boosts the quality of the items produced. (Photo Credit: Erika de Reynosa)

Erika de Reynosa, located in the Rio South Texas region’s city of Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico, is a subsidiary of Fresenius Medical Care, the world’s leading provider of products and services for individuals with renal diseases.  Erika de Reynosa manufactures equipment used in both peritoneum dialysis and hemodialysis, specifically all the tubing and hoses used to extract the patients’ untreated blood and return purified blood back into their system.

And, just like renal care has scaled up in quality over the years, the Erika de Reynosa plant has scaled up in size. When the operation was initially established in 1987, the team was made up of 250 employees. Today, the company boasts a highly qualified labor force of 4,000 devoted employees producing over 30 products across 20 production lines, each intended to save lives every day through the treatment of patients suffering from chronic renal insufficiency. And this facility is especially critical to patients in the United States, as Erika de Reynosa meets 99% of the demand for Fresenius Medical Care’s US operations. 

Of course, these lifesaving products are made in accordance with stringent safety and quality requirements. Jesús González Romero, General Director for the Company, advised that the Erika de Reynosa plant is certified by both the Mexican Federal Commission for the Protection against Health Risks, as well as the by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

If you would like to emulate Erika de Reynosa’s / Fresenius Medical Care’s success and are interested in manufacturing products in North America for North America, take a look at what Rio South Texas has to offer. Our team at COSTEP would be glad to assist you, so please visit us at or connect with us at @COSTEP to learn more.

Article by: Anayancy Ulloa Luna


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